Pittsfield, Vermont Home Week 1

An unusually warm winter has allowed a very unusual building start for Geobarns.  Excavation began in January on this new custom home in Pittsfield, Vermont, with concrete poured in time for the Geobarns crew to arrive this week.  The mountaintop site is steep, wet and populated with spectacular trees.  Killington and Pico, just a few minutes down the road, are the draw for our clients, Mike and Sue.  They’ve been working in Massachusetts during the week, and ski-patrolling in Vermont on weekends for many years, and are now building a second home in the mountains they love: a decision Geobarns supports wholeheartedly.

The home is a pair of Geobarn frames connected by a vaulted kitchen and entry.  While the exterior is pure Geobarn, the floor plan has been conceived as nearly a replica of their longtime home in Mass.  Apparently it’s a great home, they just want another one in Vermont.  “After a  few decades in a house,” says Mike, “you know what works and what needs to change.”

The winter excavation and concrete work has been done with characteristic good humour by our friend Greg Blanchard, who’s spent most of the last couple weeks ankle-deep in subsurface water.  As you’ll see in the images, we had a couple of days of overlap, where Andrew, Justin and Morgan were going vertical on the Geobarn while the last third of the concrete was being poured immediately adjacent to their sill plates.  The best day was the first, as the crew, Bethel Mills’ lumber truck, a well driller, two excavators, a dozer and a concrete pump all jockeyed for position on the tiny mountainous site.  The crew is making good progress now, a week in, and we look forward to a good build after tomorrow’s seasonably-unseasonable snowstorm…

-David Hamilton, Geobarns

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