Off the grid in Glover VT: adorable doors and stellar stairs

Winter is beginning to set in so we are feeling some sense of urgency to wrap as much up as we can before the class IV road becomes impassable for the (long) season….

Meanwhile…it seems every day that something is actually getting finished….last week the front door hung and trimmed and balcony railings installed, today the staircase bannisters and track doors trimmed out, and tomorrow the awnings and starting the kitchen casework.  Our wonderful client came for a visit and unlike his more methodical self he was like a kid in a candy store…seeing his (and family’s) vision finally coming together.  While many clients are deeply involved, on this project the design was primarily client generated and driven with tremendous attention to detail.  The mistakes?….mostly ours…….but also mostly well worked out.  The house is light and airy and eminently vertical….literally an orchestration of woods and geometric planes, as the (mostly) client taken pictures project. Considering the rocky beginning we had with a trashed floor system on the original foundation and the loss of one of our best subs–this has evolved into a memorable marathon and a winsome watershed in our lives.

Stay tuned for a clawfoot bathtub, soapstone stove, concrete countertops and an (a)spiring chimney….


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