Off the grid in Glover VT: delineating the details

Over the last few weeks house we have been finishing out the Glover house in constant communication with our clients about the many details that will impact their home for a lifetime….walls, trim, ceilings, casework, wood stove, hearth, cabinets, interior track doors, railings, stairs, plumbing….an at times seemingly endless list that often resolves portions immediately and some that drag out until we figure out the best case scenario.  We are fortunate to have clients who are wonderfully and passionately engaged in the process from hundreds of miles away–and whose tastes mirror our own in many ways.

The house is a symphony of wood contrasts…with spruce floors, clear vertical grain doug fir trim to match the timber, and pine v-groove ceilings above with vertical shiplap on the inside of the exterior walls and horizontally adhered on the interior partitions….all complemented by our recessed panel beaded doug fir doors on tracks to enclose the master bedroom and the pantry.

We are still up in the air about the counter tops…thinking that we need a splash of contrast with stone or concrete….which we will have in the hearth and gorgeous soapstone stove just delivered on site….all five hundred pounds of it.

While the details at times seem endless–they come and go quickly so the long list is not interminable….but exhilarating as we move through it–having worked all these months to finally get to the end product….stay tuned.


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