BARNstorming Connecticut

George and I barnstormed through Connecticut to see a unique Geobarn project underway for about two weeks: a tricky garage addition to a Geobarn-home we built about a year ago.  We arrived to find our ace carpenters Dennis and Theron at work on a magnificent fall day.  Check out the cantilevered porch, and the cupola about to spring out of the central bay of the structure.

We also got a chance to revisit a super-insulated and super-charming Geobarn home in Litchfield, CT.  The Outwater family has moved in, while periodically bringing in tile craftsmen and kitchen counters and all of the finishing touches.  The house is looking very sharp, with a nice clean kitchen and bath, and a terrific cupola lighting up the entry, and Tom reports $15/week in propane heated their whole home through last February’s extreme cold snap!



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