Killington Home Revisited

We just revisited a house from last year, in the Killington area, whose owner has been working with one of Geobarns’ key subcontractors, Michael Lewallen, on some very fine finish carpentry.  This was one of the most difficult winter builds we’ve ever done, but it seems the clients have themselves a real gem in the end.


Lake Erie Barn–day 23: gorgeous doors and unexpected grace

We are coming down to the last couple of days when I somehow thought the pace would become more leisurely as we put on trim, hung doors, and took a little time to enjoy contemplating our work….but this is apparently not at all the case.  Our clients was so happy with the track doors that he found a way to use openers on regular barn doors that swing open so now we are building all the garage doors as well…which means we ran out of beaded doug fir which was nowhere to be found anywhere in the Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Buffalo triangle–so we arranged an emergency delivery with Bethel Mills half way home on the New York State Thruway with a great guy–Howard Copen–who agreed to make the speed run to meet their truck leaving early this morning.

As if that were not enough to keep us at full throttle–we have two or three new clients along this same road who now apparently want barns similar to this one–so I have had a slew of meetings with these wonderful people, drawing buildings and visiting their sites. I also have to face the challenge of getting home with a camper, a trailer, the Volvo and more tools, supplies and leftover whatever than I can enumerate….but by the grace of God during church last week the same fellow called me and asked if I could use his help trailering the Volvo back home….hmmmm….let’s see….YES INDEED!!!  Finally–we have a local newspaper coming to do an interview and photo shoot tomorrow…such a great opportunity right in the middle of our most hectic time….

We built a lot of doors this week and will build a bunch more tomorrow now that the depleted materials have been replenished…all ready with the stiles and rails cut and rabbit jointed–all we have to do is cut the beaded doug fir to length and assemble them on the giant jig we made to handle the several hundred pound track doors. it took me quite a while to figure out how to do a good X on doors that are not perfect squares–but perfect rectangles.  The first one took a couple of hours and the next two only a fraction of that…grateful I can still learn at this stage of my building education.  I have also had a very tough time sleeping on many nights–not sure why but it has played havoc with my energy levels which I expect to be constantly high and get frustrated when they are less so….

I already plan to come back for some of the interior work–the views, the client, the new clients and the crew are simply too good to pass up for too long.


Killington House Update

We’re having a run of spectacular weather in the Green Mountains this week, as the Geobarns crew wraps and begins installing windows on a house near the base lodges of Killington / Pico ski areas.  Our clients Kathy and Jerry are being excellent sports, and ruthlessly knocking out the do-it-yourself staining project, which they took on in addition to applying their own decking to the big south porch.


Lake Erie Auto Barn Day 15: pulling it together

The last week was a tough one with the crew a bit depleted with very hot weather and work taking them temporarily elsewhere, my having a lot of trouble sleeping, and facing an onslaught of details after the roof including compensating for a few mistakes.  Fortunately the guys never wavered in their assiduous work ethic and even on those days after only four to five hours of sleep their example kept me going….when it was actually in the 90’s and nowhere to cool off.

We finished all the framing and then built the cantilevered deck overlooking the lake using diagonals to create two suspended trusses–and once the thunderstorms broke the heat we set about wrapping, installing windows, and shiplapping a side at a time since the violent winds here are prone to tear off anything not nailed to the wall….:-\

I also was able to visit the hometown of the Amish crew in Clymer, NY and felt I had entered a different world where everyone drove horse and buggies and live in houses with no electricity–yet immaculately kept up and beautifully landscaped with flowers and gardens everywhere.  I was talking to our lead sub about their community and asked if any of them owned cars and he said they didn’t…and then went on to say that there was nothing wrong with owning a car but that they really value keeping their families together and that when people buy cars–they leave and go away. This comment really impacted me–especially in light of my own high velocity travel schedule with Geobarns–and it made me ache profoundly for some of the simplicity and peace I found there and often lack in my own life.  I felt very privileged to be invited into their community–and when he found out I was coming he had no hesitation in asking me to provide a ride for his family since they were on my way and running late to the benefit auction we were attending that Friday night….

So much is beautiful about this building–now seeing the window, trim, deck and porch details coming together.  We have the upper gables left to side and then a big push making lots of our beaded doug fir recessed panel doors….stay tuned.