Off the grid in Glover VT: adorable doors and stellar stairs

Winter is beginning to set in so we are feeling some sense of urgency to wrap as much up as we can before the class IV road becomes impassable for the (long) season….

Meanwhile…it seems every day that something is actually getting finished….last week the front door hung and trimmed and balcony railings installed, today the staircase bannisters and track doors trimmed out, and tomorrow the awnings and starting the kitchen casework.  Our wonderful client came for a visit and unlike his more methodical self he was like a kid in a candy store…seeing his (and family’s) vision finally coming together.  While many clients are deeply involved, on this project the design was primarily client generated and driven with tremendous attention to detail.  The mistakes?….mostly ours…….but also mostly well worked out.  The house is light and airy and eminently vertical….literally an orchestration of woods and geometric planes, as the (mostly) client taken pictures project. Considering the rocky beginning we had with a trashed floor system on the original foundation and the loss of one of our best subs–this has evolved into a memorable marathon and a winsome watershed in our lives.

Stay tuned for a clawfoot bathtub, soapstone stove, concrete countertops and an (a)spiring chimney….


Off the grid in Glover VT: delineating the details

Over the last few weeks house we have been finishing out the Glover house in constant communication with our clients about the many details that will impact their home for a lifetime….walls, trim, ceilings, casework, wood stove, hearth, cabinets, interior track doors, railings, stairs, plumbing….an at times seemingly endless list that often resolves portions immediately and some that drag out until we figure out the best case scenario.  We are fortunate to have clients who are wonderfully and passionately engaged in the process from hundreds of miles away–and whose tastes mirror our own in many ways.

The house is a symphony of wood contrasts…with spruce floors, clear vertical grain doug fir trim to match the timber, and pine v-groove ceilings above with vertical shiplap on the inside of the exterior walls and horizontally adhered on the interior partitions….all complemented by our recessed panel beaded doug fir doors on tracks to enclose the master bedroom and the pantry.

We are still up in the air about the counter tops…thinking that we need a splash of contrast with stone or concrete….which we will have in the hearth and gorgeous soapstone stove just delivered on site….all five hundred pounds of it.

While the details at times seem endless–they come and go quickly so the long list is not interminable….but exhilarating as we move through it–having worked all these months to finally get to the end product….stay tuned.


GeoBarns comes to Eastman

Geobarns is excited to see a foundation nearing completion for a new project at Eastman, a beautiful conservation-oriented community in New Hampshire.  Two barn volumes will be connected with a large monitor cupola.  The home is oriented toward a spectacular forest site (best viewed in October, apparently), and the house has a very unusual feature we’ll discuss in later posts.  Stay tuned.


Glastonbury barn addition: living and learning

One of the most challenging projects we have undertaken was the demolition and rebuilding of the upper level of a gorgeously sited home in Glastonbury–to be followed immediately with a barn addition after also demolishing their unattractive garage.  After completing the house project–the clients wisely decided to wait a year to finish off the interior and take a break from the intense construction chaos.  With the break and maintaining a stairwell in the area where the two buildings are to attach–we somehow managed upon our return to get the vertical measurements wrong–with the result that all the posts were about 8″ too short….a mistake with serious implications.  We also had three of us working on the design–creating some additional confusion–but our clients have shown us considerable grace in the midst of this and we have also made significant and creative efforts to rectify the consequential problems.  We all knew that working with an existing structure would be a challenge–as well as the delay of almost two years–so facing a few more problems than usual was not a complete surprise.

On the other hand–the house is a jewel and has transformed their property–as will the now built from the ground up matching garage with rec room above.  The property borders the east side of the CT river wetlands with beautiful sunsets over the marshes, and is far enough back from Main Street to be free of noise and commotion while maintaining a wonderful site view in both directions.  Our clients have been committed and courageous indeed to tackle such an enormous project while living there…and we are thrilled to be a part of utterly transforming their home.

We are also actively maintaining our Facebook page so all you Facebookers can find more info there….and those of you with barns we have built are welcome to share your own…